Name: Winona Woodward

Appearance: Winona is a little taller than average at 5'11. Her long hair is a dark black, offsetting her pale blue eyes. Her face is mostly average in appearance, with just a slightly larger than normal nose and wider mouth setting it apart from the rest. She wears a black dress covered by a dark scarlet colored jacket to block out the coldness of Sharo. A pair of black gloves, and tan, knee-length boots round out her outfit.

Personality: Over the years, Winona has calmed down significantly from her past attitude. Now everything is seen in a mostly happy and optimistic light. She learned that sometimes the best way to go is to calm down and think things through. Also, people response better when you're nice to them. Sure it takes longer to solve problems, and her confidence is obviously lower, but overall everything's better.

PET Modifications: An all purple colored PET, with a yellow stripe going around the lateral area. There's a filter set to mute any exessive swearing.