Name: Damien Daziel
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: He stands at 5'10" and is on the skinny side, has brown hair about 4" and is brushed to the right to keep it out of his blue eyes. His skin is a pale peach color. He usually wears a dark blue short sleeved top with the emblem of his navi printed on it, a loose pair of dark blue jeans, and black sneakers. A silver belt always around his waist holding his jeans up and also holding his PET in its holder. Last but not least he wears a pair of small silver-blue rectangular glasses.

Personality: On the outside he appears uncaring, calm, collected, sarcastic, and almost bored. However that is just a mental disguise he uses to keep himself from becoming friends with anyone. Once you get past that outer shell he is friendly, caring, basically the opposite of what he wants people to think. He is smart and has a photographic memory, his IQ is a bit higher than average (135-145) but he keeps to himself most of the time so no-one knows he is intelligent, even his parents. However because of this he isn't very socialble and often finds himself in an awkward position when talking to strangers. He likes to study programs, data and technology in general. He finds these subjects fascinating and hopes to be a programmer for SciLabs labs when he grows up.

PET Modifications: A dark blue colored PET with a green trim. The 'inside' of the PET with the navi is usually stored is a light blue instead of the usually green.