Name: Roland Stone

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: With an approximate height of about 6'5", Roland stands out above the crowd. To go along with his extreme height, Roland is almost as thin as a flag pole. His black hair is short and spiked, yet there is always a cowlick on the back of his head. He wears an earring on his left ear that is a single black bead. On Roland's neck, there is a birthmark in the shape of a water droplet.

Roland normally dresses in a pair of black jeans, some hi-tops, and some sort of dark colored shirt. With his dark colored clothing, his greatly pale skin presents a disturbing appearance overall. He wears a single ring on his right hand that has a blue stone within it. As Roland walks, he does so with his head always held down, deep blue eyes staring at the ground. When he stands or sits, it's always in an apathetic and slouchy manner.

Personality: Roland is a very quiet person who normally keeps to himself. The number of friends he has is very minimal. It's not because he doesn't care to have friends, it's just he'd rather have a few good ones than many poor ones. When in a social scene, Roland would rather observe than interact. When others attempt to force him into interaction, they tend to get a sarcastic remark.

Roland will put up an apathetic front, which makes him seem like he cares for absolutely nothing. Deep down in his empty shell which he portrays, there exists a very caring soul caged in steel bars. Roland usually keeps this pesky soul of his in check; however, it sometimes manages to escape from its cell. Roland is normally lacking self-confidence in the world, and finds that the only time he actually has confidence is when playing video games.

PET Modifications: Roland has upgraded his PET with a media player, a web browser, GPS, a banking application, a thesaurus application (One never knows when a different sarcastic word will be needed), and Roland's favorite game. The PET itself is black with a light blue polar bear shape engraved into it.