Name: Jack McNeil

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: At about 5'9", Jack McNeil isn't a very spectacular person. In fact, he looks rather average, at best, except for a hardly noticeable nick in his right ear. He sports faded blue jeans and a t-shirt every day, with some white tennis shoes to boot. He is usually seen in rather calm colors, like dark blues or greens. A silver wristwatch dangling off his wrist is the only jewelry on his person at any time.

He's rather thin compared to most, although his height prevents him from being classified as "lanky." His deep green eyes betray any mischievous thoughts he may have, and his mouth is usually in the shape of a friendly smirk. His black hair is rather slick, and at this time has a red streak running through the left side, because he's a teenager and he feels he needs to express independence somehow.

Personality: Jack is a very humorous person, even when no one else around him wants to be (or wants HIM to be, for that matter). His personality can best be summed up in one word: prankster. Jack loves to play jokes on his friends, and he sometimes even pulls some on himself when he becomes bored. Although sometimes he may go a little far, he usually has the best intents at heart and jokes purely for the satisfaction of others.

Jack is also prone to being a little impulsive and irresponsible, and a lack of foresight sometimes leads him into trouble. However, he tries to greet anything that comes his way with a smile and a hope for the best. He makes friends easily because of his joking nature, and is very likable if his pranks don't backfire.

PET Modifications: Over the time that he's owned a PET, Jack has installed a media player for his music and movies, a web browser for surfing, a GPS application (just in case), and a woopie cushion application (once again, just in case). His PET is a deep green color, much like his eyes.