Name: Ethan Ferrante
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ethan is very chubby. All of his body parts sag somewhat from all the weight of his fat. His face is very round, and he also has a double chin. His brown hair sits in the classic bowl cut, as he cuts it in that exact way, by putting a bowl on his head. No kid has ever been able to overpower Ethan in a fight, as he just sits on them. Ethan has been able to take full advantage of his weight. Ethan is also rather short, standing at around five foot three. He always is seen in shorts, which is somewhat disgusting, as even his calves have wrinkles. His belly always sticks out under his shrunken shirts from his bad washing skills.

Personality: For an unknown reason, Ethan is obsessed with Battle Monsters. That is even the reason he created Elephire, to be another Battle Monster. He is rarely seen without any type of junk food, and often carries around a jumbo size chip bag, and even without his bag, he isn't without food (he is saving the stuff under his fingernails for later). Ethan also doesn't speak often, as his mouth is always full of food. When he does speak, it is rarely in full sentences.

PET Modifications: Ethan's PET is completely red, and covered in stickers of Battle Monsters.