Name: Kizuna Yuuki
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Usually wearing a blue bandanna over his jet black hair, Kizuna's cobalt blue eyes often shines with kindness, which are often accompanied by a slight smile or a full-blown grin, depending on how happy he is. For physical stature, his height reaches 1.75m and his weight is 45 kg, which leads to his very thin body. His clothing choices includes a simple match of black t-shirt and a pair of dark green cargo pants, which is further completed with a pair of black and white sneakers.
Personality: Generally patient, Kizuna is the one with a smile on his face, whether in good or bad situation, which usually leads to him coming up with different and unexpected strategies, even in the face of a defeat in battle. While he is patient, there is a psychological weakness in his psyche, his kindness and naivety, which can usually be exploited to make him do chores, or even to fight another Navi. As for his snapping point, he usually will NOT get angry, lest somebody harms anybody he is close with, or his pent up emotion exploding for being held for so long. A word of caution, when angry in battle, expect a barrage of chip downloads to his Navi, which he will use to mow you down without remorse.
PET Modifications: Kizuna never thought about modifying his Link PET, he just thought that it looks good without any aesthetic change he can make to it.