Name: Enjolie Olivera

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Enjolie is a petite young woman, standing at only 5'5" and weighing 115 lbs. She has lightly tanned skin with shoulder length, wavy black hair and bright, baby blue eyes flecked with gold around the pupils. She generally dresses in a pair of khaki Capri pants and a blouse in pale colors. She prefers sandals to close toed shoes, expect in situations that call for sturdier footwear, and favors a pair of white sandals that strap up to mid-calf. She can almost always be seen wearing a silver necklace with a love knot pendant. She is slightly nearsighted, so she usually wears a pair of thin frame eyeglasses or else wears contacts.

Personality: Enjolie is an intelligent young woman with a knack for languages and learning in general. She is a bookworm and finds solace in relaxing with a good book. A self-proclaimed geek, Enjolie enjoys video games and comic books and tends to make odd references that most people her age wouldn't understand. Enjolie can be childish at times, much to Cypher's dismay, and doesn't take things nearly as seriously as she should. This stems from her innocence, some would say naivety, in the ways of the "mean streets". She is idealistic and has a profound faith in the nature of her fellow humans and the Navi that they interact with. She lacks street smarts and has trouble reading others. She tends to be gullible and can't understand why people feel the need to be cruel to others. Still, she is a quick thinker and is quite dependable.

Enjolie idolized her father and his chosen career. Her greatest wish in life is to be able to help others like he did. She is currently a student at Dentech, but plans on entering the NetPolice Academy in order to follow in her father's footsteps. She doesn't know if she is cut out to be a NetPolice officer, but she is willing to give her all in order to have a chance at defending the weak and aid those who can't aid themselves. All in all, Enjolie is fundamentally different from her Navi; Cypher being generally pessimistic and suspicious of others while she is upbeat and open, and thus she tends to get into arguments with Cypher. Still, she trusts in his judgment and his wisdom as her father's former partner.

PET Modifications: Enjolie's PET is a fairly generic black and silver model. The only embellishment is that her late father's badge is attached to the back of it.