Name Tyies Surabande (TEES SOO-RAH-BAN-DAY)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears round-edged, rectangular glasses and a lucky charm around his neck. His hair is tinged slightly with dark blue and sticks out at the front in strange sausage-like shapes. Never goes outside without his green-gray jacket with big pockets. Underneath that is usually some kind of t-shirt. Wears shorts when indoors, but has a pair of thick, cotton trousers when appearing to the public. Is comfortable without footwear but has socks and black hiking boots for the outside world. Keeps notes and drawing materials in his big pockets and around his person.

Personality: A cautious and withdrawn fellow, Tyies has a positive outlook on life, but a wary view on strangers. Has a hard time finding the confidence to try new things and meet new people. Is not a fan of heat and prefers cool places. Aspires to become a comic artist, though needs encouragement. Sees Ran as his closest companion and someone he can trust and confide in.

PET Modifications: Has several holders for drawing materials (pencils, rubbers, ect.) with a built-in electric sharpener.

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