Name: Ralez Belle
Age: 15
Gender: Male
He is very short for his age. Mostly because of the fact that his parents were the same. He is also a skinny fellow, with very skinny arms but normal leg size for his age. He usually wears a plain colored shirt, most colors inclued red, orange, purple, and green. His pants are always dark-blue jeans, because he has multiple pairs of the same kind of pants. He dosen't really need them, but they do help sometimes. On his left leg, on the back of the knee, he has a scar that sometimes will cause pain. It will happen at random times.

Height: 5'2
Weight: Around 125
Hair Color/Size: Blonde, Up to his shoulders
Eye Color: Changes between Blue and Green

Personality: He is let's say.....a man of few words. Or in other terms shy. Very very shy. He rairly talks much. He dosen't communicate very well to others, so usually when someone talks to him he runs off faking that he has gotta do something or stands there and stutters. He loves to garden, and will ocasionally talk to the plants as he waters and feeds them. He loves watching ochristas, and hates anything like R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternitive, Rock and J-POP. He also does not like fighting and believes in using words to solve problems. But he will fight if nessery to protect something of value to him.

Also, he loves to quote things that he has heard that have some type of meaning and jots them down in this little black notebook he has. Then when he needs the quotes for random situation or lectures, he takes it back out and resites them. But most of the quotes written there were made by either him or someone long ago. He loves anime alot as well, perfering to sit by and read a manga under a shady and cool tree.

PET Modifications: It is Red with a silver trim. On the side has a screwdriver and a couple nuts and bolts around the border.