Name: Levran Draksor
Age: 34
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at about Seven Feet and 3 inches, he wears a collared shirt which he typically keeps pulled up. The emblem on it is quite distinctive; it says, "Guess what my Anti-Drug is? Drugs." Orange and Yellow swirls make it impossible to see those words to all except the most "perceptive". The back is unremarkable, you know except for the face it is a giant array of paints, as if someone had taped it up and just threw whole globs of paint on it. Strangest thing? It keeps changing colors. Maybe he does it on purpose. As for the pants, they are tan cargo pants; boy does he love them cargo pants. Damn things make the whole world go round! Not too much more about his clothing, he typically wears running shoes, you never know when ya have to run from something. The design is the ever popular ZIKE, black as night for camouflage purpose, they glow in the dark thus neutralizing any ninja essence to them however.

His hair is jet black, and runs down his face in the ALSO EVER POPULAR emo look. Running down his left eye, since... well he does not HAVE ONE (If the hair ever reveals itself it'll just be a pirate patch covering it), he however always appears to be really preppy. The eyebrows, thick highly defined, despite the emo hair, HE DOES NOT HAVE THE MAKEUP! Jesusssss. His nose is medium sized and arched in rather than blaring out. Full lips... that's all you need to know wink.gif. As for the face, well he does not get much sun time so it is a pale kind of color, yet with the modern advances in medicines and technology, he never gets sunburnt even when he does go out. Freckled to hell and back, he has a scar on his face from too much Acne, right side of his face where it is rather hard to tell. He flaunts two gigantic canines, not as bad as Dracula but still prominent enough to earn him the title "vampire" As for the ears... they're ears. They are not dumbo ears so what else do you need to know? His muscle strength is NIL, so he's basically screwed should someone decide to I donno molest him or something...

Also, on occasion he'll randomly wear a lab coat, it's just a normal lab coat, custom made. Seems he likes working side jobs for various labs. Granted, it's been a dry run lately but who knows, he might get lucky.

Personality: Yea, he is one spazzy bastard. He does not actually DO drugs; he just likes finding people that do. It is believed to be a fetish, or something. He calls it research though. Why, well.... It IS NOT KNOWN. Overall, extremely forgetful, simplistic, enjoys life A LOT, and has been asked where his marijuana dealer is and what the grade was. Smiles like crazy and when he smiles like crazy, you can see an almost shadow to it, that scary quality people who force themselves to smile have. Almost demonic *Shiver*. Yea, his favorite saying "Knowing is half the battle!" And to fit virus busting he has added "The Other half is knowing the chemicals entering your own body!" .... Yea, it does not make much sense either.

Additional Info: Makes a habit of holding onto a Lockpick, Chemical tester *For purity testing... but of what?*, and a handy dandy wallet full of all his prized possessions *Money* and carries french army knife *Complete with a white flag and a wine corkscrew*... *that's all it is really, no weapons there no siree*

PET Modifications: Data analyzer and data tester, for those errr "enhancements" that can be found on the net.