Name: Lex Ghostly
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shorter than most 17 year old guys, Lex only clocks in around 150 cm but he more than makes up for this with his large afro which allows him to gain the attention of most that would generally overlook him. With a slim build, tanned skin and brown eyes, he would not be very memorable if it were not for his large hair but no matter what is going on around him, he always tries to keep up a friendly smile. His general attire is made up from a combination of a black with orange trim top, khaki cargo shorts and a pair of roughed up, old white trainers that were long past their prime.

Personality: Lex does not always make the biggest impression on those he meets, at least not for anything other than his hair and for that reason he always tries to come across as a friendly, sociable person. Although he is fairly confident in himself and what he does, he sometimes comes across as shy to those he meets, his navi is the general source of many of these problems as rather than allowing Lex to make his own introductions, Phantasm will generally shout something over the PET mike, leading to all kinds of social awkwardness. When battling, he generally lets Phantasm lead the fight, using the navi's stubbornness to trick him into doing the right things with small comments.

PET Modifications: Deep purple case with 3 green flames that are arranged in a triangle around the screen, it also has a measuring apparatus that can detect spectral activity.

Backstory: While surfing the internet one day, Lex and his new navi found a mysterious door. The door was locked and had a heavy incription so Lex decided to let it be. As the new navi turned away, the door opened releasing a wave of energy that knocked the navi of his feet, many flames began to fly out in all directions, some green, some blue, the green flames flew at the normal navi before he had time to react. The navi mysteriously transformed into a new form that begun to rapidly shoot down the blue flames, many escaped to the new navis disappointment. He turned towards Lex and spoke to him, "I'm Phantasm, we must find and destroy those ghost navis before they cause anymore damage". Lex with a look of puzzlement asks, "Who the hell are you?" At this point Phantasm fell to the ground and turned back to his normal state, Lex's quest for answers has begun.