Name: Ken Akimuda

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ken, being the young child that he is, stands at only three feet and nine inches which is a little under average for his age. His weight follows suit, only making the child weigh approximedtly fifty-five pounds. Being so short and small in stature, Ken often finds it hard to draw attention to himself while out on the streets with adults. In a desperate attempt to grab attention, Ken dyed his hair pink. However this only brought ridicule to the child. Since then his hair has grown somewhat, giving him a black spot atop the pink. Because of the kids who tease him at school, as well as the adults who tease him out on the streets, Ken wears a toque over his head. The toque looks like a cute anime monster that has its mouth wrapped around Ken's head.

Whether it's at school, at home, or out and about Ken usually wears the same stuff around town. He favours shorts above all other. Most commonly, Ken wears a pair of black shorts, complete with a white checker. When days are cold and it calls for it, the child wears any number of sweaters he had begun to collect in the last year. It seems he is obsessed with the things and will never wear the same one twice. As far as shirts go, it seems as if he owns his own clothing brand, or atleast that's how it appears. Each shirt is a plain coloured shirt with a symbol sewn onto it. The emblem is that of a giant pixelated figure, a representation for Ken's love of mecha.

In terms of accessories, the child sports a pair of large headphones that are always plugged into his PET, and either worn around his neck or over top of his ears. The headphones are black in color, and have white padding around the ears. Ken also wears a pair of suspenders on his shorts. However the suspenders are never up, and are instead left daggling mere inches off the ground. They are usually crossed over each other behind his legs.

Personality: Loud and Obnoxious, Ken is the kind of kid who loves to be in your face and craves attention. Many people believe that the child has become this way because of the lack of attention he gets from his parents, whom are busy with the other four children of the family. Ken being the middle child is often overlooked, often leaving him hurt and wanting attention. Because of this the child has learned to get attention by pulling pranks, acting out, and generally just
annoying people.

However he does have one true friend, a person who gives him all the attention he could ever want. And that person is his Net Navi, Mechaman. Ken customized Mechaman himself, using the Saturday morning cartoons he watched about giant robots as inspiration. In fact Ken and Mechaman have grown so close, that if anything were to happen to the Net Navi ken would be crushed. Having his PET taken away is the only real way people have been able to control Ken, either in school or at home.

PET Modifications: The first change that the young child made to his PET was the color, painting it combination of white, black, and purple in order to match the net-navi is housed within. Once that modification was complete, Ken got to work playing around with the PET until he was able to use it as a MP3 player along with its other functions.