Name: Ryouta Munashii
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ryouta is Electopian (Japanese), and much of his appearance can be explained purely with that. His skin is the colour of parchment, and his build is rather slender with no significant wellspring of muscle or height present. His face is narrow, with perpetually squinted eyes and pitch-black hair. His wardrobe changes as the days go by, but there are a few things he keeps constant with his outfit. These effects are a digital watch he keeps on his wrist at all times, a mood necklace hanging around his neck, and a plain black fedora. He'll also always have a pair of leather gloves on his person, but will not always be wearing them.

Personality: The phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none," could not be any more suitable for Ryouta; he's competent in everything he does but doesn't have anything he's really good at. His grades are alright, his fitness level is average, he's not particularly tall or short. Even in his chosen activities, such as fooling around on computers, writing and playing music, reading books and watching movies he's not hugely talented. Even personality-wise he's not extreme in any one aspect. Ryouta generally puts up a front of calm, easy-going, and on some occasions apathy. This is generally complimented with him being incredibly indecisive. Of course, being a teenager he gets the occasional mood swing, random moment and random craving for something, but aside from that there's nothing that special present.

PET Modifications: The only differences that keep Ryouta's PET from being the standard Link+ model are the forest green and navy blue colour scheme, and a tablet installed into it.