Name: Joanne Dacker

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Joanne usually wears her brown hoodie with a viridian snake wrapped around the entire jacket over her other clothes, and wears cargo pants. She has a thin and athletic figure, as her navi has drawn her slightly into parkour, although she still remains hesitant about doing more risky things. Pixie cut hair is a dark brown, and her eyes are green. Her most prominent feature is her nose, which is crooked after it was broken in a fight with her brother. She's 5' 7". Joanne's shoes are generally sneakers, but usually takes them off when she enters someone's house.

Personality: She's perky, nice, but firmly grounded in reality, unlike her more idealistic brother. However, she does have a temper, and tends to be spiteful when hurt or insulted. Her way of getting back will subtle, but long lastingly annoying she can think up. Which isn't too bad, as what she did to her brother for forcing her to share the PET was getting it a pink and red paint job. She views herself as a decent person, but tries to be athletic to make up for her B- average in academics, (which her brother consistently teases her about.)

PET Modifications: Pink with Red trim for her brother's benefit.

Name: Travis Dacker

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: His brown hair is usually slicked back with gel, although stray hairs generally come loose when he's fiddling with it out of boredom or aggravation. He and his sister look amazingly alike due to his scrawnyness, which causes many people to ask if they're identical twins. (Something he rabidly dislikes, which is much to her delight.) He consistently wears an ash gray suit and loafers. His eyes are a greenish blue. He is 5' 9"

Personality: Travis is idealistic. However, he's got a temper worse than his sister and is easily irritated when his views are disputed. He gets into fights quite often, and has fought with his sister on many an occasion, (she usually wins) although he's somewhat scrawny and small for his size. He's also been beaten into a pulp quite a bit at school, where he achieved excellent grades. Currently he is in law school, where he enjoys consistently wearing a suit, as if to prepare for being a lawyer in advance or some such.

History: One of Travis' friends rolled his PET over with a car, and was convicted of criminal negligence by PETN. Thus, Travis wasn't allowed to have another PET. Because he needed one to access and help memorize his materials, he bought his sister a PET at the pawnshop, giving it to her in exchange that they kept it in shifts. As Travis and Joanne's bank record is a merged account (courtesy of their parents,) only the one with the PET can actually buy things.