Name: Ananiah (Aries) Stahl
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Sharo

Appearance: Aries is about 6'3" tall, he has fairly dark skin, slightly lighter that Arabian, but darker than the typical Spanish man. He is evenly built, while he is not skinny he is not muscle bound, but he is quite solid. He has light brown eyes, nearly yellow in their appearance. He has white hair that is somewhat wild, like he forgets to comb it every once in a while. He generally wears black shirts and jeans. However his normal outfit is a charcoal grey hooded sweatshirt with dark jeans.

Aries' most striking trait is his eyes; they are like a great work of art: everyone sees something different. To some his eyes look kind; some see his eyes as ice, with a quite brooding anger and hatred. But what few have seen is the wild, joyful, and half-crazy eyes he has when he is doing what he loves above all else, fighting.

Personality: Aries is closet-geek he gets decent grades and is a well known martial artist in his age group. But what few know is his near-obsession with computers; he made his own custom net-navi. He took a Heel navi and reconstructed it from the ground up, and he has finally made Orthos. Most people see Aries as someone bored with life, and for the most part, it's true, but when net-battling to programming Orthos he changes utterly.

Aries is not easily amused, and there is nothing he likes more than a good challenge. He is also rather quick tempered when he loses, but this only lasts a short time before he goes half mad with longing to fight the person again. He has 2 neurological 'problems' that he is always grappling with. The first is part of what makes him a good Net battler, he has an overwhelming desire to learn and understand how all of his opponent's abilities work, and all they are able to do; in fact he gets debilitating anxiety when he is deprived of a good puzzle for a long period of time.

The other is a bit more serious, Aries also suffers from horrible epileptic seizures. When stressed he gets seizures so bad the muscles in his eyes clamp down on the blood vessels causing them to burst, turning his eyes blood red.

Background: Aries is a Military contractor from Sharo, although he is only half Sharovian, his mother was Netfican. Aries is a well trained operative in both net battling and physical prowess, he is the son of the CEO of a Sharovian mercenary group called Ghoul. As such he sells his services to the highest bidder, regardless of alignment. He has a 1 job loyalty policy, meaning he does not betray in mid-job, no matter how much he is offered, however once the job is over his loyalty is up for bid immediately.

Aries' father, David is the leader of the group and is the current holder of an incredibly powerful Navi that has been in the family for generations. According to David, Aries will take "The heart of Sharo" when he becomes the leader of their group. For the moment Aries uses a black HeelNavi named Orthos. Aries is slightly obsessed with ancient myths and knows just about everything in Greek and Egyptian mythology, not surprisingly, the name Aries is a reference to Ares; he just didn't want it spelled the same way.