Name: Sam
Age: 12
Gender: male

Appearance: Sam is always wearing a one white long shirt on the inside and a short black shirt on the outside. He has beige shorts. On his head he wears a red bandanna. He has long silver boots like his rival. He is Caucasian.

Personality: Sam is a kind, but sarcastic. Not everybody understands when he is being sarcastic usually except for his friend, Trillian. He is underestimated by some people, but not always. He loves his friends and NetNavi and would do anything for them.

PET Modifications:
This PET has a back up storage to Sam's Desktop. It has 176GB hardrive and a wireless jack-in router. It can connect to Sam's Hompage Data base at any time. It also has a I-phone built in as well as a camera/Video-camera that has doubled lense.


Backround: Sam is a orphan with no orphange. He works at were ever work is to keep is appartment, even though he is only 12. He mostly battle viruses for money.
His parents were killed in a war. He bought a desktop surprisingly. In his Father's will was a non-activated Pet. Sam got that Pet with StealthMan in it. It also came with a note, and the note said

Quote ()

To either of my son's who find this note...
and the rest was torn. The note leads Sam that he has a brother. He searches for clues for were and who he is.