Name: Andrew Hope
Age: 22
Gender: Male
An average-looking guy with dark brown eyes and black hair that always seems to be spiked up. His lethargic expression gives the impression that he's always tired even when he's not. Andrew has problems regulating his body temperature and overheats easily so he wears thin, short-sleeve shirts and shorts whenever he can. He is approximately 6'1" and fairly skinny for his height.
Obsessed with efficiency and perfection, Andrew tries to plan out his life and everything around it. He is especially fond of games that involve precision and tactics such as billiards. He doesn't seem very emotionally attached to any particular material possession but takes pride in a job well done. His calculating personality makes it difficult for him to find many friends. He actually has very interesting qualities, but it's hard for him to open up in front of large groups and new faces.
PET Modifications: No actual modifications although it is covered in chalk dust.