Emosawa A. Turned
Preferred name: Lien
Age: 16
Gender: Male

As can be seen, Emosawa has a rather distinctive body with quite feminine features, but is still a boy, both mentally and anatomically. His long, strawberry brown hair has the same silky bounce to it that you'd expect from a girl's hair, and is tied in the back into a large braid. His face itself looks girly, lacking the strong jawline that most males have, and having the same puffy lips and big beautiful blue eyes you'd expect from the opposite gender.

His choice in clothing certainly doesn't help his case, either. A white, baby blue, and grey shoulder-less robe over a sleeveless black tanktop, a large pink wraparound sash, and a smaller, dark red one over that. His hair is bound in a length of black string with tassles, matching the decorative black belts and arm-wrappings he likes to wear, as well as his knee-high black boots. The part that really throws people off is his tendency to wear skirts, such as silky dark red one in the picture.

Personality: As one might expect from his overall appearance, Emosawa is not exactly the manliest man. Being raised in an all-female household, he was taught to be kind, polite, and charming as best he could, and he has held this even past childhood, almost overly-so. He tends to be pushed around quite easily, and be flustered by difficult situations. His navi, especially, subserviates his will. Still though, when the going gets tough, he has the confidence to do what needs to do without needing to be asked.

PET Modifications: Pink, with a black trim. (Much to Shizuka's chagrin). Designed for optimal lefty-use.