Name: Kento Hydra
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kento is a young boy with a light tan and a small button nose. He has black hair (and thus eyebrow, etc.) with dark brown eyes.He is somewhat short for is age and rather chubby. His fingers are fast allowing him to pull chips out faster. He regularly wears a blue t-shirt with blue jeans and white shoes with red trim. He occasionally wears a white hat so his black hair would not absorb all the heat and melt his head.
Personality: Kento is a nice kid who is indifferent in many situations. He tries his best to stay on the sidelines knowing that he is very clumsy and would most likely mess things up. He is also very lazy, which is why Kento's parents got him a Navi, so he would be out more often. Kento also has a self-confidence issue.
PET Modifications: Kento's PET is blue with silver trim. It has a small camera for spying, taking pictures, making videos, and letting the Navi see behind him. It is also wireless.