Name:Alf Ackart

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: His family tree takes him back to Götaland where his ancestors hailed from. His family appearance hasn't changed much. He stands about 182.9 cm high and weighs 90 kg. He has dirty blond hair and is a semi-muscular. He looks tough and that he could easily win a fight but has never been in one in his life and doesn't know what would happen.

Personality: He is the classic bookworm. A quiet person that isn't adapt at making friends. Usually he makes one good friend who introduces him to other people. On the outside he seems like a funny person that is very kind but he never recognizes his own kindness and is constantly afraid of loosing what he has. His jokes sometimes go too far because he gets comfortable very quickly and is called a jerk at times; he is also confused on what is an appropriate joke time such as after someone breaks up with a girlfriend he doesn't know when he can joke about it. Immediately after though he feels terrible and tries to apologize profusely. As for his spiritual side, he is a pagan that still worships the old gods of nature from his heritage. He attends may festivals and does not hide his area of worship even though he is constantly persecuted for it.

PET Modifications: Tie Dye color scheme the colors being green and black. On the back is Alf's family crest.