Name: Karin Thompson
Age: 15
Gender Female
Appearance: Standing at five feet three inches, Karin is not an impressive figure. At least, height wise. With slightly slanted green eyes and a partially bent nose from an old break, she's not exactly a work of art either. Her skin's a light cocoa color with her hair a crazily curled black when it hasn't been worked on, all thanks to a mixed heritage. While short, she puts out an air of confidencee, as within what she knows she's rather good. She loves buying the newest fads though if she deems them too indecent she won't wear it without modifying. She's well built, with enough meat on her bones that its not like hugging a skeleton, or a pillow.

Personality: Confident in manner and speech, Karin's an enthusiastic person when you get her talking about what she knows. Getting her talking can be a problem though, for all her confidence she doesn't really prefer talking to others. She quite enjoys any sort of a challenge though, from crosswords to wordsearches to everything else she can find. Sadly, whild doing this all her attention is on the challenge, other people might as well be somewhere else. She'll react to loud noises, or voices familiar to her if they're loud/close enough.

PET Modifications: Karin's pet is colored pastel blue with green trimming of the same soft nature. There's a plugin-place for headphones/headsets with a volume dial right next to it, both located on the left-side of the PET about mid-way. Taking the shape of a rectangle thats nearly a square, it measures six and a half inches across the bottom and five inches tall.

Of course length and height isn't all that is important,the PET measures an inch and a half thick. This is makes it too big to be carried in her pocket so a special purse-like bag was created by her mother with a clear plastic square so Sketi can still see out. This nifty bag echos the PET's colors in reverse, pastel blue is for trimming and the soft green for main. It also bears Karin's name and phone number in black thread on the inside of the flap.