Name: Arata Hachiro
Age: 15
Appearance: A lanky boy of about 5'3, Arata has dark brown hair that hangs over his face slightly and is shaved close to the skin on the back. He wears an orange jacket and jeans with regular sneakers and has a backpack. His skin is near-flawless and is a standard white, not to pale, not to dark.
Personality: Arata is an addict to tabletop Fantasy roleplaying games and often references them in common speach. He is a neophyte with a love of finding new things and is deeply curious. he also has a nasty temper that flares up occasionally, but is otherwise quite mellow.
PET Modifications: His PET is actually a brand new Link-PET in the original PET case. The only difference between it and the real first PET is that it doesn't use a cable to Jack-In.