Name: Erkor Tiiyago

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: His Height is 5'17" and weighs 90 Pounds. His hair is Short and Dark Brown and has Red Eyes. he wears Black Undershirt and a Leather Jacket with a Hood. He has Long Baggy Jeans, and uses Normal Brown Shoes. He has a Backpack with a Skateboard and a Helment on his head. He wears only his Long Jeans and Brown Shoes at nighttime or when he is about to skate with his Undershirt taken off and uses it as a belt.

Personality: He normally live around in his Hotel when he is having a free time. He is almost smart when it comes to Netbattles, but he keeps going even if he makes a mistake. He loves to skate around with his Skateboard, his favorite Trick is the Infinite Heelflip, which he mastered when he was 17.

PET Modifications: The Color of his PET is Black Silver

Zenny: 450

Key Items Gain:

Battlechips in Deck:
1x Shotgun (50 dmg, chance to splash)
1x Cannon (40 dmg)
1x Rageclaw (40 dmg, reusable)