Name: Rose Dunrae
Age: 16
Gender: Female


Rose is a girl who looks her age. Her face is small, pointed, cute, and feminine. She stands at the fairly tiny height of 5'2" and weighs only 100 pounds, keeping her fairly slim. Her hair is straight, rich brown, and comes just past her shoulder blades, when she leaves it down. She often puts it up in a ponytail, making it appear a bit shorter. She wears her hair without bangs, leaving her green eyes unobstructed. She accentuates her features slightly using make up, most visible in the rose color of her lips.

She wears a long sleeved black shirt with the outline of a heart formed by pink rhinestones on the chest. This ends where her small white skirt begins, though the skirt ends only shortly after that. For the sake of her modesty, she wears a pair of white biker shorts under her skirt. For the sake of fashion, she wears her favorite pink belt over it, which sits high on one hip and sinks low by the other. Rose's high top shoes are this same pink color. Beneath these she wears a pair of tall black socks, which stretch over her knees and a bit beyond.

On each hand, Rose wears a number of rings. These consist mainly of gold and silver bands, though there is a ring with an emerald and a pink band among them. Of note are two recent additions, a blue band and a gray band, honoring her friendships with Sabrina and Zeo, respectively. She also wears a small gold hoop in each ear, and a pink elastic as a bracelet around her wrist, which can be used to put her hair up when needed.


Rose is a very friendly girl. She is incredibly outgoing, as well. She is an optimist, and has faith in the goodness of humanity. This leads her to be, despite her generally good judgment, very forgiving and trusting, even when logic would generally advise otherwise.

She is very driven. She generally knows what she wants and goes for it. She is curious, assertive, and charismatic.

She enjoys making friends and spending time with the ones she has. She is fun person to be around, thanks to her cheery demeanor.


Rose is the older of two children. Her parents are both relatively normal, lead successful careers, and love their children. They split up long ago over irreconcilable differences.

Rose doesn't have much of an issue with either parent. She has a good relationship with her parents. She gets along with her brother rather normally. They bicker occasionally, but are on good standing.

Her family is Netopian, despite living in Electopia. They moved over before the birth of either Rose or her brother Conner. It was related to Mr.Dunrae's job.

In more recent History, Rose is an average girl and does well in school. She got her first Custom Navi a while back. She was excited to have this new Navi, and he went along with her craze at the time, which was a new obsession with Roman Mythology. She enjoyed this new Navi, Mokusei, but not for long. Not too long after she had received him, the company that produced his coding issued a recall for fatal errors, and she lost him.

Rose got a replacement Navi, at the expense of the company. And this one is the one she still has. Though she would have trouble saying it at times, she likes him. They bicker constantly and may be mean to each other, but they are close.

Rose seems to have a phase/craze system of interests. When she received her first Navi she was in live with Mythology. She later loved many things, settling on Journalism most recently. However that craze is normalizing as well. She does still enjoy it, but isn't quite obsessed. The concept of investigation is actually what intrigues her more now.

She also decided, after realizing how incredibly lucky she was to have such a cushy life, that she should try working. As a result, piled on top of her school work and relationships, she added a few normal, teenage jobs. She figured they'd help her understand what work really meant.

This did still allow her plenty of free time, but she decided that this new restriction on time was no longer enough to produce a paper single handedly. She changed her site into a blog, which would feature any investigative reports or interest pieces she wrote in her spare time.

PeT Modifications:

Rose has a normal looking PeT, in the currently popular style. It is white. She removed her old pink faceplate, deciding that it was too childish. She keeps it in a clear protective case on her waist.

As far as modifications go, it does have a few. Rose, during her Journalism craze, added some utilities to it that would help with that. These included a more effective notepad, a larger and better video recorder, and a high quality sound recorder. She uses a good GPS function for driving and finding her way, and other fairly normal functions.