Name:Nolan Loire
Appearance: Tall, White male with brownish, blackish hair. His hair has small spikes in the front, which he uses a hair spray to super freeze it. Blue eyes and a black T-Shirt that says : "USMC:Ready to Defend- Any time. Anywhere." Usually wears plain blue jeans. Almost ALWAYS wearing a hat and wears his glasses when he needs them. Nolan Weighs about 86 pounds.

Personality: Always excited and hyper. He is Shy and it is very noticable. When he is Meeting a new person, all he really says is "hey" or "thanks". When he is talking to a relative or friend he says stuff like "hey man, how you doin'?" and stuff like that.He also spits a WHOLE lot but never spits inside. If he was rated on the popular scale in his school from 1-10, he would be an 8.

PET Modifications: An advanced PET with a base color of Maroon and two decals of curled-up whips on both sides. It has an extra-long jack-in cord. The PET also has a rubber grip pad so Nolan can hold it, since his hands are always sweaty.