Name:Celerich Psalm

Age: 23


Appearance: 6'2'', 175lbs, White hair (military Buzz-cut look), Blue eyes, and Caucasian. Wears dark orange tinted Sunglasses, and most of the time is seen with short-brimmed hat, black in color with a red trim on the edge of the Brim. Wears a Red Tuxedo with a black Tie, ed Pants with black Boots.

Personality: A generally kind man, Celerich is quick to offer advice and assistance to anyone in need. His smile is warm and inviting, and his wisdom surpasses most people of his age. Very protective, he is willing to take the hurt and blame for anyone, reguardless of his own wants and needs, to the point of annoyance, in some cases.

PET Modifications:Blood red in color with a non-reflective black edge.