Name: Casius Markai
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Though some see him as a bit menacing, 6'4" block of ebony wearing aviator shades and a trademark beat up leather trench coat, his disarming grin usually redeems him from being marked as your average wannabe thug. When he's not dressed up to fit the classic "Wyatt Earp meets Blade" look, he usually sticks to long T-shirts and loose-fitting jeans. However, he tends to keep the sunglasses, and has been known to even wear them at the movie theater, causing him to adopt Sunglasses At Night as his theme song amongst his friends.

Personality:He believes himself to be a cool customer, even if it's a bit beyond what he can actually fit. His playfully over inflated ego is a turn off to some, but those who know him well enough know that he's more introverted than he presents himself to be. Though he says he wears his sunglasses because they make him look cool, his eyes are constantly watching the people around him, examining every detail from the distasteful crinkling of a frosty girl's nose as he walks by, or the furrowing of a man's brow behind an odd comment. He keeps his truest convictions and opinions to himself as a general rule, however he is known to get explosively angry at blatant displays of hypocrisy and betrayal. He is very defensive of the ones he holds dear, however the way he acts upon it varies greatly depending on the offense.

PET Modifications: Wireless headset that he might be able to talk to and hear his Navi without having to take the PET out of his pocket. (more or less a bluetooth headset) There is also a small camera on the ear piece that gives regular video feed to his PET, and Aestus therein.