Name: Mazer Patrovski
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mazer is your taller than average person at 6'3", but his 185lb frame is more lanky than built. He has brown, neck-length hair with orange streaks, which originally started as a failed experiment to dye his hair orange. He eventually liked the look and kept it the way it is, though he never got the dying down to a science. His skin is slightly tanned thanks to his somewhat outdoorsy lifestyle, and though he doesn't work out much, his activity level and diet keeps him thin and slightly muscular. He normally wears somewhat baggy jeans, a dark colored T-Shirt, and a faded-blue ball cap. He also wears glasses with small, rectangular lenses without rims.

Personality: Mazer has more of an introverted personality, but he works well with others. Most of the people who know him describe him as a very kind and dependable person. He prefers not to start conflicts with others, especially with friends. He may be pacifistic in the real world, but he takes virus busting seriously. He enjoys being on the net with MachmanMKII whenever he isn't busy doing school work. The recent additions to his team have made him a bit more involved in the support role, sometimes he feels like a HQ commander as he issues orders and provides support or intel to his team, while other times he acts as the medic and mechanic and maintains & upgrades his Navi and SPs.

Background: Mazer's a college student, but is currently taking time off from school to help him unwind, and build up some sufficient funds to go to a better university. He earned his private pilot's license when he was 19, and is involved in the local civil air patrol squadron. Since he entered college, his mother joined his father as a full-time commercial pilot, so they are very seldom at home, but Mazer easily lives by himself and keeps the house maintained while he does so.

PET Modifications: His pet is blue with orange trim. He recently took it to a PET shop and replaced the disused projector lens with a new holo-projector.