Name: Yamata D. Bishamon
Age: 15 officially
Gender: Male
Appearance: A somewhat skinny or lean male, with a meek appearance. He is roughly 5'8, although his slender appearance can make him appear taller. He wears varying clothes, more than not though he wears a long coat. The long coat has two small but deep pockets toward the bottom, and it is colored two different styles; dark grey and black or tan and khaki. He has dirty blonde hair, either spiked wildly and loose or flattened straight about his head. His eyes, are a blue/green/hazil mix (more green than blue) but are never seen since he has generally closed eyes or squinting eyes. He carries an ominous smile, to which follows even in battle. His pants are khaki, and his normal running shoes are dark grey/black. He isnt muscular, but still is remarkably strong for his size. Under his coat, he wears a more formal suit, to quick change, but its not seen often. Lastly, he carries 3 PETs on his person under the confines of the coat; two on his wrists respectively, and he carries the normal one. Here is my rough draft sprite:
Personality: Generally, not an ally. Yamata acts very nice, and even eerily helpful to those around him, but this is a mere act. He is caught between several personalities. His first is the generally most used one, in which he puts on his act. He will help, but only if he must, or it helps him in some way, but many think he is good. His second, is his true exposed self, often sadistic and violent, with a cruel sense of moralitly and justice. The third is a cross between the first two, but he actually carries a more heroic stance on things, and will help people out. The last, is where he completely loses his mind, often blurting out and yelling sick twisted taunts, or even just hunching over and drooling like a beast. He generally only takes up the first two, but the third personality is fighting for its freedom against the rest.
PET Modifications: Yamata generally carries 3 PETs, since he commands many navis for his goals. The hidden two are similar to the Stream PETs, long and retangular like, but with silk straps holding them upon his arms. The last is a Link PET, with an infared data scanner/projector attachment next to the normal link, to send his navi to a digital system from even further away, providing stealth to his missions. His Link PET is Black, with a tan/khaki trim, and a blue monitor instead of the green. The other one on his right arm is Blue with a purple trim, and the last is a Purple PET with a dark bluish grey trim. Each holds a different navi, but can be used interchangable. (For this forum, he'll use the Link PET) *He only uses CP at this time*