Name: Connor Dunrae
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Connor is a tall boy of average build. He stands at 6 feet tall, and weighs 150 pounds. He wears a black tee shirt over a white long sleeve shirt, both of which are slightly large. His pants are dark blue jeans, also a little loose, and held on with a black belt, covered by his shirt. Connor also happens to wear a pair of black sneakers. His skin is light and flawless, and his eyes are a vibrant green. He has light brown hair that he keeps short and slicked back.
Personality: Connor is friendly, and has a natural charisma that makes making friends easy for him. He's outgoing, and enjoys meeting new people and making friends. He is generally more calm and patient than overexcited and impatient. He is a good, kind person, always willing to help those in need. He views virus busting as a fun activity, or a sport. He feels superior to many others, for various reasons, mainly because he does well in almost anything he attempts. He is competitive, likes turning things into contests, and likes to win, but isn't a sore loser. If he is beaten in a friendly competition, he'll congratulate his opponent, and seem perfectly fine with it. However, it does bother him to lose, and he'll dwell on it, seeking to find a way to win against them, so he doesn't feel like he's losing. He is a good winner, still congratulating his opponent for a game well played, and offering advice. He is friendly with Force, though perfectly willing to order him around when necessary. He enjoys Force's company, as they've been friends since Connor got him, about 7 years ago.
PET Modifications: Connor's PET is Blue with white accents. It also happens to be clipped to his belt, or in his hand. It has a headphone jack so that only he can hear Force if he so chooses, and can also set up the interface so that only Force can hear him.