Name: Keera Knightly
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Keera's a bit smaller in appearance. She is one of the youngest and her appearance starts with the notice of her light skin with a small speck of purple eye coloring around her eyes. There is also the fact she has violet eye color. Her hair is a long light purple that goes to her lower back. She wears a black dress that stops at the knees, but it feathers up and a gold pendant rests on her chest. Her slide on sleeves go slightly over her palms and then she wears long white stockings. Her face looks a bit emotionless and she doesn't smile often, so it has a dull expression at the most. She wears black buckle shoes that are on her feet and seems to have the appearance of a maid even though a red tie that goes around her waist and bows at the back distorts that very maid like common description.

Personality: Keera is an individual who doesn't express much emotion. She simply takes pleasure in artistic sights and creations. She is best known as the "The Creator: Empress". Her mind doesn't care for much, just her own friends that she is most comfortable while others who try to befriend her become temporary assistants, and even pawns. The relationship will not intensify in anyway. She is mostly known as heartless.

In battle, her calm demeanor is most intimidating. She doesn't flinch or scare, nor give in to a single worry whenever things look grim. Her mind is always thinking of one thing, and considers every factor. Her skills are so great, that she considers her matches pre-determined against weaker enemies and even those that are new to her thinking she will surely win, but against enemies such as her very own squad, she considers Reishawn and Zane key factors and can't determine their destiny since they are "Special", most likely because they possess abilities beyond the other Data.9 members and herself, although that doesn't make her believe she could possibly be no match to them, It's just their skills are unique.

As leader, Keera's commands are calm and with her own reason and group interest at most. They don't even bother to ask why because of the fear they have at questioning her. Such as her command to "lend their power to Zane" instead of "destroying him" immediately. Only one member bothered to try to ask why, but Keera's gaze made him withdraw that question. Although she is younger, she prove to be the most powerful tactician to lead to small organization inside and outside of battle.

PET Modifications: The basic PET that is being used around. The navi symbol is an emblem of a dark ring with a hand like imprint in the middle that means "Creation". The color of it is a black with purple on the lower sides of it while the color meets around the back of the PET. It seems a bit more new and polished and has a small port at the bottom that matches the strange imprint on Keera' right hand.