Name: Winston James Percival III

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Percival is tall, about 6'5. He weighs about 180 pounds with tanned skin marred by scars he got in fights from his service in the army. He has green eyes and very disheveld black hair than hangs over his face as well as a beard which is seemingly kept in a state of starting messiness. He always wears the same black jumpsuit and always has a cigarette in his mouth and alcohol in his hands. (ignore the gun for the purposes of this game, he has no real world gun that matters)

(Personality: Percival is a veteran black ops and sniper member of the army, he is very arrogant and rather prone to violence used to solve his problems. However he is by no means stupid and is actually hyper intelligent ESPECIALLY while drunk which he nearly always is. He does enjoy debating with other operators and can be counted on as a loyal friend if you befriend him
PET Modifications: Obsidian black with a silver trim, it has a handle specifically designed to only fit Percival's hand