Name: Archard Ritter

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: At 5'8'', Archard isnt the tallest guy, nor is he the most imposing physically. He often comes across as unassuming and unimportant, but nevertheless, normally appears carefree. Never wears only a select outfit, wearing whatever seems relatively clean at the time, but does tend to favor jeans and button up shirts over others.

Personality: Never considered the imposing type, he instead often assumes the role of peacekeeper, making sure those around him get along and are entertained by his particular form of sarcasm. Values intellegence and moral conviction above all else, he hates the weak-willed and those that force themselves on others with equal fervor.

PET Modifications: Archard's PET is an abused, worn peice of machinery. covered in scratches and evidenced by the half torn decals and stickers, seen much better days.