Name: Zolem Adiwe

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'7", short red hair combed flat, green eyes, glasses, slightly on the fat side, but obviously muscular underneath. He tends to dress in simple monotone shirts, usually red, black, or dark green, and kaki jeans. He usually wears a baseball hat of some sort with a humorous picture or message on it.

Shot at 2006-07-31

Personality: A bit of a pessimist, he's determined to do his best, though he always tries his best. He just doesn't expect to win. In an odd juxtaposition, he has a great sense of humor; he'll laugh at almost anything. He also has a very discerning personality, and often ferrets out untrustworthy people, due to his suspicious nature.

Background: After his father, Beriha, was lost at sea during a reasearch trip when his ship sank. His father was a research worker on alternative energy sources.
In response to this tragedy, Zolem dedicated himself to learning water rescue and safty, and other areas of safty as well. He constantly wories about his little brother, Senri, who's a bit reckless. He's also worried about his mother, Melody, who constantlyworks to take care of the kids, since her former busines was shut down by Squalo, forcing her to work for a smaller firm. To help her out, Zolem's started to work part time at a grocery store. Zolem's family also owns a black and white cat named Zebra.

PET Modifications: It's 100% waterproof and fireproof.

NCPs: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1, HP+50

CHIPS:15 /30 Sword 80(2) Shotgun 50 + Spreading 1(2) Cannon 40, Rage Claw 40, Heatshot 40 + Spreading 1 Fire(2), Fireburn1 50 + Line Fire, Thunder1 40 + Stun 1 + Homing Elec, RiskeyHoney1 5x10 + Homing, Boomerang1 60 Wood Can hit 3 targets, Recover 10, Minibomb 60 (2)