Name: Kelarion Archairis "Kel"

Age: 28

Gender: male

Appearance: Blue eyes under a mop of shoulder blade length blonde hair are generally how people remember Kelarion, if they remember him at all. This is because Kel is average. Average in height standing in at just under 5'11" and weighing in at 150lbs. Although generally covered up in long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Kel is not ashamed of himself and is stronger than he looks from years of packing and moving.

Personality: Kelarion is a military brat having moved all over in his early years and continuing to move rather nomadically out of habit once he moved out on his own about 10 years ago. Kel has just recently moved to ACDC to look for a new job and has opened up a little bit in the past few years. He generally keeps to himself except for times when he has to interact with other people, but he is getting better. People would say that he is shy, but Kel says it is just cause he doesn't like hanging around groups of people. Kel's best friend is his Navi Archblade.exe who insists on giving his operator pep talks about going out and having some good times.

PET Modifications: Basic Pet with an alternate color scheme of a Brown base color and a Green trim.