Name: Sharmandra

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's fairly tall, has blue eyes, longe dirty blonde hair, is slightly overweight, and a little weaker than udual people.

Outfit- He wears a whit unddrshirt with a purple long sleeve overshirt. If it's warm then he'll wear opne of those tee shirts with the funny phrases on the front. When its cold he'll wear long pants, typically khaki or nylon (NO DENIM), if it's warm he'll wear khaki shorts. His shoes are always scuffed up and greyish.

Personality: He's very enthusiastic and friendly, and tries to be funny. He understands that there is a time to be serious. Unfortunately, because he's naive, sometime's he'll be the last to realize that it's that time. He tends to be somewhat hypocritical sometimes, to him its much easier to solve other people's problems than his own. He usually seems hyper as a first impression.

History: Sharmandra was an average ACDC Town teenager. We led a normal life, had normal friends, and was fairly average. The pnly thing missing in his life (pretty much) was a PET. Little did he know, Navi's aren't all fun and games... (DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUNNNNNNN)

PET Modifications: It's white and black, with silver trim. The trim around the screen, and any buttons on the Pet are metallic blueish-purple.