Name: Scott Fox
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Though he doesn't seem muscular, he is very strong. He is taller than the average height, but not increadibly tall. His brown hair is short to medium length, and is somewhat spikey, but not like in videogames or anime. His distinguishing feature is that his eyes are red, which he hides by wearing sunglasses. He tends to wear a black T-shirt with the Japanese character for "wisdom" written on the back of his shirt in white. After recently breaking his right arm, he wears a cast on it

Personality: Hardly ever serious, he seems to think that life is a game. This is far from the truth, however. He acts like this because of his bad luck which led to his arm being broken after being hit by an out-of-control car. He believes that in order to counteract all the bad things that have been happening to him, he must view everything as having some good in it, and tries to have as much fun as possible. He has recently become interested in finding mutant viruses that nobody has ever seen. His last name is the inspiration for his fox-spirit-based navi, Kitsune. However, he does not seem to be the sole creator of this navi...
PET Modifications: High quality laser jack-in, extra memory for downloading files (neither mod gives any in-game benefit)