Name: Sohee Mun
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sohee is a 5' 8" woman with a thin frame and peach-colored skin. Her long, straight jet-black hair extends down and curves naturally to hug her small chest. Her long thin eyebrows contrarily accent her dark almond-shaped eyes, unusually large for her Korean origin. Something about the delicate fold of her eyelids gives her a very morose, broody look that would be the envy of professional mourners everywhere. She has a buttony nose and a tiny mouth, which purses into a half-smile and always seems on the verge of saying something. A reverse teardrop shaped chin connects to a graceful neck and slight shoulders. Despite her small frame, her posture commands authority and confidence. She holds her head up high and walks at an intimidatingly brisk pace. Small agile fingers and long thin legs give her a look of fragility even as her poised body language betrays a heightened awareness of surroundings and control of body.
Outside her apartment, she dresses impeccably and deliberately. Her upscale dress serves as an intimidation tactic that highlights her professional competence as a patents lawyer and tends to communicate to men around her that she's out of their grasp. One typical outfit she might wear outside of work: Her small feet are clad with knee-length tight-fitting leather boots with heels, with her nylons reaching above the knees. A thick gray pleated skirt of heavy fabric begins where her stockings leave off and flounce flirtily out from her waist. A long tight-fitting red sweater fits her snugly; a white cross-shaped design accents her sweater just above her chest. Her makeup matches the dark, subdued reds and grays of her outfit in a warm, natural way. Her coldly amused smile, however, seems to extinguish any sense of warmth that she might have intended from the warm color schemes on her visage.

Sohee has a rather withdrawn personality, although one would never guess it from her public demeanor. She confidently maneuvers through difficult contracts, delivers speeches at functions flawlessly, and commands respect even in the most cutthroat of business environments. However, an observer gifted with rare insight may notice that, though she speaks eloquently in her dealings with clients and neighbors, her words are few. Perhaps she finds it tiresome to speak to people unnecessarily, or perhaps she finds office chatter and social small talk little worth her attention unless it serves some purpose to her work. Her quiet, silvery laugh is a rarity, an unexpected contrast to her syrupy low voice. Her expressive eyes always seem to be communicating however, whether it be contempt for an incompetent subordinate, boredom at an oblivious client, or amusement at an irony. Her first-rate intelligence serves her well in her professional life, but often alienates her from certain social circles. She seems equally at home in literary and analytical pursuits, making her a formidable mind in the patents business. Her sense of perception is very keen, and she has excellent intuition in picking out key details to make educated guesses about even strangers she encounters.
During her spare time, however, she completely shuts off the outside world to write realistic fiction novels under a pseudonym. She works under a pseudonym with an editor, who is the sole face-to-face communicator between her and the literary world. Her editor is probably the closest thing she currently has to a friend, although she has rarely spoken to him about more than the vaguest of life plans and her personal interests, mostly as a way to explain her literature. She is quite shy, though passionate, about her imaginative, poetic side. Although her work life is carefully separated from this ethic, she strongly believes that a person must strive for something spectacular in life and live life enthusiastically. She hopes in the existence of true love, but rather doubts she'll encounter it in her life. She spends much of her time outside of work pondering what spectacular feat she might achieve in her lifespan that would be worthwhile. When pushed to choose, there is little she would not give up in her well-organized life in pursuit of this romantic ideal.
Although she acts completely Westernized in her manners professionally, one curious holdover from her Asian heritage comes in her treatment of elders and children. She bows respectfully to most people significantly older than her and speaks deferentially to them, and she always treats younger children in a sisterly, protective way. She is fluent in several Asian languages.

PET Modifications:
Sohee owns a standard-shaped PET with an attachment that allows it to conveniently strap on to the inside of her purse or suitcase.