Name: Tome
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and pale, with an untidy mane of dark brown hair. He seems to have a near constant smile, almost radiating an infectious sense of cheerful recklessness. Dresses in loose trousers with planty of pockets and plain T-shirts under a assortment of colourful silk shirts. His eyes are a dull blue, and his glasses tend to have tinted lenses.

Personality: An eccentric genius, he has neer endless enthusiasm. Woe betide the fool who mistakes his cheerful optimism for naivity, for behind his cheerful smile lurks the razor sharp mind of a true genius and a keen understanding of human nature. He is also highly empathic, and tends towards kindness and mercy. Has a keen dislike of authority and most systems of government.
PET Modifications: Coloured red with black and gold trim, Tome's PET is also equipped with a small thermometer and a holo-display.

NOTE: Sprites are rough scratches, and will be improved later.