Name:Jaden Shrridor
Appearance: http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u198/pu...MyPicture-2.jpg
He usually wears a green jacket with yellow stripes, he has thick black hair and brown eyes.His body frame is small and yet he is very tall.His muscles aren't really that big and he does not like to lift stuff.He has a medium to deep voice that is rarely used and his teeth are slightly yellow.His pants of choice are gray with 7 pockets to hold many things..(2 back pockets, 2 front pockets, 3 pockets around the knees.)His eyes are small due to him being asian (The guy who did the art made them huge for some reason) and deep brown.His lips are chapped and torn from his bad habit of biting them.His veins are seen quite easily on his arms but not his legs.His nose is slightly angular but not enough to qualify as noble.He has a scar on his chin from falling and a scar above his left eye from chickenpox.He has a purple on his neck that means "The Shadow Hand" in Japanese.
Personality:Very quite and pensive, he likes working with his navi a lot and yet somehow gets involved in all sorts of weird stuff.He is very determined sometimes and lazy the other time, yet if you need him he'll be there.He is full of logic and cunningness yet chooses to lie about most of himself.He is secure therefore he lies without reason.
PET Modifications:The PET also has a blue with silver trim.Has a small light on the back that shows invisible ink (Like in american airports).