Name: Kojiro Oshiro

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kojiro is a fairly young man in his teens, with short, untamed black hair and brown eyes and a slightly brown skin tone. He is of a medium build, with a broad chest and toned arms and legs, although his torso does not show excessive muscle tone. His whole body is fairly hairy; not Scottish hairy, like a bigfoot, but hairier than the average Japanese citizen. At 5'8", he is not excessively tall, but taller than most of his classmates. He usually wears his school uniform, (White Dress shirt, with undershirt and black slacks with dress shoes in the summer, and a white dress shirt and tie with slacks during mild weather), and has a variety of clothes for non-school days. Regular sized ears and nose, and fairly friendly eyes.

Personality: Kojiro is a living paradox in his personality. At times he loves being around people, making others laugh and be happy, cracking jokes and laughing along with others at theirs, and he does his best to make other people feel better and more secure. Kojiro is very hard to make dislike you, and he does his best to see the best in people. However, every once in a while he simply cannot be around others; he needs his alone time. Usually he takes his alone time at home, but once in a blue moon he gets the urge to be alone at a party or a similar occasion, and it usually results in him mysteriously disappearing. This is also when he usually goes on the Net.

Kojiro also has a part-time job, working as a salesman at a local computer store, and spends his money on books, an occasional manga, and going out.

PET Modifications: It's a generic PET. Cell-phone sized, and used for mostly the same things. Kojiro also deposits his paychecks into it. Gray, with a couple of Print Club photos on it and a little keychain charm with a small, blue Shisa on it.