Name: Moa Koruya
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance:Moa looks much older then he actually his. He looks as if he could easily be thirty or forty, and has a rather impusing figure. A rather muscular build from labor of all kinds, he usually wears a dark blue pair of those plastic like jogging pants with a white stripe down the side, a loose white tanktop and sometimes a white bandana over his head.
Personality:Generally nice, he can seem harsh to those who don;t know him, but he generally intends well. Though he lacks some skills in school knowledge, he has a basic understanding from highschool, and always has good advice for those around him. He was somewhat changed by the deletion of an old NAVI, but he didn't let it get to him. As human as he seemed, he was nothing more then data.
PET Modifications: Instead of a standered PET, his is a special verson of some sort, picked up with his new PET. Rather then being the square brick that is commonly seen, Moa's is bright red and black, and straps to the arm. It is about half the length of his forearm, and about the same width. A small holographic screen in projected into the air, and the actual PET part is mainly buttons and such.
Other: Never went to College and dosen't intend to. He recently picked up on Net battles as a new hobby. He dabbles in all kinds of Jobs and often, many at once so he can live as comfortably as he currently dose.