Name: Christina Falcon
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Appearance: Very rowdy looking, Christina looks like she was just kicked out of a back alley. She wears a shredded white tank top, which barely covers her, as she is quite busty. She has bright blue eyes, and long, black hair. On her head is a light blue bandana with black lines going through it. On her legs she wears typical roughed-up jeans; too baggy at the ankles and with numerous tears. Her black-and-white sneakers are almost always undone, the laces trailing. Lastly, to complete the image, she is constantly chewing gum and blowing bubbles with it.

Personality: She is a total tom-boy, loving to roughhouse, spar, and argue. (She is very good at martial arts) She also often acts rather suggestive, but is always joking, no matter what she does. She is an excellent liar, able to make up plausible excuses on the spot, and this gets her out of the many troubles she finds herself in. Despite her prickly utside though, deep inside her heart is a true person with a heart of gold. Her motto is as such; "Who said a little mischief is evil?"

PET Modifications: Her PET is strapped to her arm with a velcro strap, which can easily come off when need be.