Name: Shin Kurosaki
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Shin is a young dark skinned male with short black hair, and silver eyes. He is around 5'10 and is somewhat muscular. He wares a sleeveless black shirt, and baggy black pants. He wares black and red sneakers and has a tattoo of a Chinese dragon on the outer side of his right arm.

He is a real laid back kind of guy. He enjoys net battling and finding or earning new things to help him net battle. He doesn't have many friends, so in his spare time he simply sends his navi to the net to bust viruses. He always enjoys watching the ocean whenever he can, and tries to keep a distance from troublesome people. He is great at thinking on his feet, which helps him in net battles.

PET Modifications
His PET is dark blue with some light blue mixed in to form a type of snowy wind like design. On the back is a design of a dragon made of total water and ice, which is similar to his navis signature attack.