Name: Fleminger Kowler
Age: 33
Gender: Male
-Appearance: Broad shouldered, aging man, approximately 6 feet in height. His hair is black with streaks of gray here and there. His eyes are amber and blue, radiating from the pupil respectively. With bushy eyebrows and high cheekbones, he has an almost gaunt look to him, despite his tan skin and healthy weight.
He wears a raggedy brown jacket over his black muscle shirt, and bluejeans. He also is commonly seen wearing black gloves and sandals.
-Personality: Usually cold and calculating, but he occasionally feels compelled to commit acts of genuine benevolence. i.e., If he sees someone on the street that needs help and looks like they deserve it, he'll probably help.
-PET Modifications: A foldout tray which allows Toxin to analyze the contents. Usually used for chemicals or foodstuffs to ensure they are what the supplier says they are. The PET's scheme is green and black.