Name: Daekin Spencer
Age: 18
Gender: Male


Body: When it comes to body, Daekin seems to have little volume. His baggy style of clothing belies his true form, which is toughened up from lots of activity, especially baseball. A bit on the tall side, he looks lanky, and even a bit sickly. His face is very sharp-looking, and hardened to look rather stern, contrary to his happy-go-lucky personality. Daekin's bright blue eyes are the main draw of his face, the piercing stare detracting from his other features. Even his hair, which is a brilliant shade of blonde, fails to attract as much attention as his eyes do.

Clothing: Daekin's most common set of clothing is all about comfort. He wears a set of black slacks, tied around his waist with a strong silver chain. There is another silvered chain that is attached to his belt, and to a black leather wallet held in his front right pocket. His upper body is in a slightly oversized brick red long sleeve shirt, which extends far below the belt line. In addition, he wears a black vest that's filled with a thin layer of kevlar, but it is far from bulletproof.

Personality: Daekin is a pretty happy guy most of the time. He deals with school, and even seems to enjoy some of it. His off time is spent reading, writing, or messing with something that will likely lead to crashing his computer. One of his quirks is that he loves messing with numbers in all sorts of ways. He'll dive into program code and mess with the numeric parameters in order to get a desired effect. Though that usually works out for him, he sometimes tries to write his own code, and that's where he tends to encounter the problems that make him glad that he's smart enough to make frequent back-ups of all his data. This understanding of numbers and code translates well into the Navi world, but he hasn't yet learned how to apply his skills to netbattling.

PET Modifications: Mostly a dark blue, there are neon green patterns hand-painted into recessed areas, rather than painting the trim. It is also given a different casing, put into a form more reminiscent of an oval, with a flip-up screen and a mini-keyboard.