Operator 1
Name: Hisai Kurushimi
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long, black side-parted hair and deep blue eyes, with a stance that demands respect, despite his internal insecurities. Being a prosecutor, he usually wears a black suit and tie with a white shirt, looking more at home in a funeral procession than a courtroom. He keeps his smart attire all throughout the day, only changing for very special occasions or for sleep. (Closest example would be Teru Mikami)
Personality: Cold and introspective, Hisai keeps himself to himself, only ever leaving for work-related matters. He rarely talks, but when he does, he is forceful in his words.
PET Modifications: PeT is colored black with silver lining.

Operator 2
Name: Kamoku Tereya
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is very small, being seven. She wears a short pink hoody with a white-and-red striped belly-top underneath, along with black pants and white sneakers. She also wears a white and deep-red cap on her head, letting her short black-and-pink hair fall through the back and sides, with a little at the front as a fringe over her red eyes. (Closest example would be This loli-erm, kid)
Personality: Severely shy, Kamoku tends to be lost for words a lot. Her voice is as quiet as she is, barely being audible at times.
PET Modifications: PeT is colored black with white lining.

Operator 3
Name: Marie Cage
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Marie has very long black hair. Her clothing trends are influenced by goth-rock culture, shown in her tendency to wear reds and blacks, along with silver chains and a crucifix pendant. Usually, she wears what seems to be the upper half of a black corset with a collar and a red tie with a white spider-web motif. Under that, she wears a grey vest-top with black butterflies. She also wears a black-and-red tartan mini-skirt, with a red belt decorated with silver studs joined to others at the edges. The skirt itself has crucifixes along the bottom edge, alternating between black and white. She wears a similar belt on her right wrist, however it is thicker. Oddly, she wears a black fingerless glove on her right hand and a black sleeve on her other arm. To top off the look, her nails are painted red and she wears two crucifixes around her neck and a heart-like jewel on her right arm. (Example picture here. Wings do NOT function, or are part of the character)
Personality: Marie is care-free and hyperactive, usually to the disdain of her older brother. Despite this, however, the two get along famously. Marie enjoys net-battling and virus-busting, but will not go out of her way to get into fights.
PET Modifications: PeT is colored red with black lining.
Added Notes: Marie is the younger sister of Matt Cage, Firewolf's operator. Despite being a continent apart, their family moved to Netopia to keep him company. While operated by Marie, Shinokami does not use Kafziel or Irkalla, instead wielding a large white crucifix chained to his back, named 'Cruciare', which is bladed on all adges and used for powerful attacks. He also has two large handguns, one white and one black, each with a red blade attached to the barrel-end, named 'Sanctus' and 'Obscurum' respectively. While Sanctus and Obscurum are used normally, Cruciare is too heavy to wield normally and is used only in specific situations (SigAttacks)


The following two characters are contacts of Marie Cage.

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Name: Matt Cage
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Aging by seven years hasn't changed Matt very much. His hair has grown long enough that he ties it back into a ponytail, reaching to his shoulders. Also, he has grown a short goatee, kept short around his mouth and chin. He still wears the red-lensed biker goggles and silver dog tags, however his clothing tastes have changed. He wears a black vest over a red-and-orange camo t-shirt, the lower sleeves of which are also black. He also wears a pair of urban-camo baggy pants, held up by a black belt with a gunmetal silver buckle, and a pair of white sneakers with a black sole.
Personality: Despite his job as a NetPolice Officer, Matt is still hot-headed and care-free. He does focus more on his tasks, but when it comes to NetCrime, both he and Firewolf tend to get carried away, much to the disdain of the higher-ups. He does try to get along with everyone, but usually Firewolf lets him down. Despite this, the two are very close friends, almost fighting buddies.
PET Modifications: His PeT is colored black with orange lining. Due to his job, his PeT has been modified to allow a mini-map to be shown on-screen.

Name: Firewolf
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Break
Appearance: Firewolf's frame hasn't changed much since seven years ago. If anything, his frame has been streamlined a little more, removing jagged edges and smoothing the overall model. He still has the minimalistic black and chunky orange bodysuit with large boots, gloves and shoulder-pads, but his buster is more streamlined when shown. His grey fur is lighter than before, now a medium-grey. Image description here.
Personality: Firewolf is still very complacent and arrogant, almost smug, yet still likeable. He tries to get on well with everyone, but his cliched one-liners and witty remarks usually tend to get on everyone's nerves, even Matt's at points. Given Matt's line of employment, Firewolf found that NetBattling took a back seat, yet he happily helps Matt with filing and processing of his work.
Custom Weapon: Buster.