Name: Mori Hayate
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: A little bit skinny, but still has some muscle. He has blue hair done in a one-sided hairstyle. He needs to wear glasses due to extensive studying - he can't handle contacts.
Personality: Being an Engineering student, he is very critical in almost everything he does. He is also an otaku that, specializing in mecha/robots and ecchi biggrin.gif An above average student, and will lend a helping hand whenever he can.
PET Modifications: Equipped with a backlight that has adjustable intensity, so it can be as bright as a flashlight. Also modified to act to be able to act as a mass storage device, so Hayate can have his important files nearby when he's outdoors. Installed with an MP3 player for relaxation. Color scheme is blue-and-green in alternating slash stripes.