Name: Katanashi Gaki (Japanese Translation: Spoiled Brat)
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Appearance: Always wears a pair of gleaming black sunglasses as a rule, masking his shimmering Caribbean blue eyes. Posses Gleaming golden yellow hair. Often wears a jet-black jacket/suit coat that tends to flail behind him in the wind for dramatic affect and a white undershirt. Commonly found wearing black cargo pants. Sparkling shiny black dress shoes are a staple for this character. Always has a smile ready for use.
Personality:His dad owning a little known but well off Netnavi program and battle chip design company, he has gained a VERY spoiled attitude. His parents let him get away with virtually anything without the slightest bit of resistance. Consequently he tends to get his way, and when he doesn't....hell WILL break loose. Lacks compassion for others and even KIDNAPPED the navi he USES!!!
PET Modifications: A specially designed ring surrounds the outside at where the seem of the two plastic pieces coming together would be. This ring serves as a measure to insure the kidnapped navi does not escape and is permanently connected to his PET.