Name: Arco Swift
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Arco is of unremarkable height for a woman, perhaps a tidge taller than the average. However, she tends to loom over people in a way that makes her appear almost monolithic despite her unimpressive stature. Her body is lean and muscular, slim like a runner's. A long coat of dark red, with the insignia of a silhouetted crescent moon over the left breast, near the heart, falls to around her knees. Beneath this coat is another thin jacket, black, skintight, of a normal length, but usually left open like the coat before it. Beneath the copious layers of water-resistant clothing, strangely, lies a single wide band of black cloth that serves to cover her larger-than average chest, but little else. Her lower wear is, thankfully, more modest. Supported by a plain belt, loose black pants with an astounding number of pockets and other compartments reveal nothing of her figure, eventually ending up bunched via thin cloth wrappings at the shin into a pair of boots which seem unassuming enough until one notices the gleam of metal spreading from the toe in a strange three-pronged pattern, like a crown. Hidden beneath the folds of her jacket's right sleeve is an intricately patterned leather bracelet with a silver stud, a sort of Swift heirloom.
Personality: Swift, like her ancestors before her, possesses an exceedingly strange sense of humour, although in a smaller dose than her late brother. However, unlike her ancestors before her, she has an incredible temper and a headstrong attitude that often prevent her from thinking things through. She is impatient as they come, and as a result is bored easily. She had previously sworn off the Swift family tradtition of hired thieves, but as the last known member of the family the burden falls on her to continue the legacy. She is undecided. Before the reading of Frederick's will, she had only the most basic of navis housed in an ancient second or third-generation PET, and is nearly illiterate in the workings of the Net.
PET Modifications: Arco has inherited her brother's PET. The body of the device is an onyx black, with its trim a rich red. This PET has undergone a large amount of modification; the circular screen near the top which usually displays the emblem of the navi residing inside has been removed, as the PET's former resident had no emblem. In its place is a high-quality camera lens connected directly to the PET's computer. It can record as well as take snapshots. The same program that manages the camera allows images to be captured and recorded within the Net as well.